Aphorisms- Often a pain to come up with one, but when acomplished, may change somones life...


So what will I write on this page?

Aphorisms. A great thing, but often annoying to come up with one. Mr. Advik explained to us that it was a pithy or witty saying and like a word of wisdom wrapped around in 20 words or less. Statements that present a moral or philosophical idea. Statements that are present in common phrases as well as in well-known literature. Statements, that were often something like this:

He who laughs last laughs longest, but he who farts loudest gets the room to himself.

An instant A+ from that. All thanks to my friend: Posted.

Disclaimer: Posted is not actually the name of my friend, it's a book that played a major part in this story...


  1. Wow, aphorisms. That's am interesting subject. Can you think of any more?

    1. I can think of plenty more but I couldn't b\put them in because of the 100 word limit
      I actually found them from the book Posted I showed you earlier on a google meet


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